CorPath Installed Base Growing Quickly
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November 2013  |  Issue 5  

CorPath Installed Base Growing Quickly

Just one year ago, there were but a handful of sites offering CorPath Robotic Angioplasty. Now, new systems are being installed each month and the user-base continues to grow rapidly. Right now, most hospitals that chose to implement CorPath have a unique opportunity to be the first in their region to offer this procedure, but that opportunity will be fleeting. Contact Corindus to learn more about how you can be the first in your region to differentiate your practice by offering CorPath Robotic Angioplasty to your patients. Click here to view sites currently performing robotic angioplasty.

Corindus Launches CorPath One Stent Program

On October 30th Corindus announced the launch of the CorPath One Stent Program. The goal of the program is to raise awareness of the potential to decrease longitudinal geographic miss (LGM) caused by sub-optimal stent placement, as well as the patient safety and financial benefits that can result from using the CorPath Vascular Robotic System to place just one stent per lesion in coronary angioplasty procedures. We are offering a $1,000 credit to hospitals that use two or more stents per lesion in qualifying coronary angioplasties performed with the CorPath System. Click here to learn more.

Corindus Launches CorPath One Stent Program
TCT 2013 Roundup

TCT 2013 Roundup

Another fantastic TCT has come and gone, but this time attendees got great exposure to CorPath and the benefits it can bring to their patients. Nearly 12,000 people attended from across the globe, including a large contingent from Corindus. CorPath was seen in practice during the live cases and presented during three other clinical sessions, including a standing-room only breakfast symposium. Click here to read our full roundup blog post.

Corindus Exhibiting at SCAI Transradial Interventional Program Series Phoenix

Travelling to Phoenix for SCAI TRIP on December 14th? Stop by our booth to learn more about the CorPath System!

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