Mayo Clinic Study on Cath Lab Occupational Hazards Published in JACC

Mayo Clinic Study on Cath Lab Occupational Hazards Published in JACC

"Occupational Health Hazards of Working in the Interventional Laboratory," a case control study of physicians and allied health professions was published in the March issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. The study found that healthcare workers who participate in invasive procedures requiring radiation report more work-related musculoskeletal pain than similar employees who do not participate in these procedures. This study emphasizes that more needs to be done to protect the physicians and staff working in the cath lab to reduce occupational hazards to improve their health and safety.

Spectrum Health

Spectrum Health featured on Local News for Innovations in the Cath Lab

Interventional cardiologist and CorPath User, Dr. David Wohns, was interviewed by the local Fox affiliate in Grand Rapids, MI on the latest technology being used in the cath lab. Spectrum Health, a pioneer of innovative technologies, has incorporated several new technologies to improve patient care while also providing a safer working environment for physicians in staff. One of these technologies is CorPath Robotic-assisted PCI.


FDA Updates Initiative to Reduce Radiation Exposure in Medical Imaging to Reduce Occupation Hazards and Strengthen Radiation Safety Culture

The FDA recently announced its latest efforts in supporting the Bonn Call for Action, an international list of priorities for radiation protection in medicine for the next decade. Included in these 10 principle actions are strengthening education and training of healthcare professionals as well as improving the radiation safety culture for hospitals to reduce radiation exposure for patients and the serious occupational hazards for healthcare workers dealing with medical imaging. The action also calls for industry to provide solutions to improve the overall safety regime.

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