PCI Physicians Users Group meeting highlights CorPath use in a broad range of complex and high risk PCIs
Users Group meeting

PCI Physicians Users Group Meeting Highlights CorPath Use in a Broad Range of Complex and High Risk PCIs

Last month we attended ACC.15 in San Diego, CA. At the conference were able to gather expert users to discuss how they use the CorPath Vascular Robotic System in their clinical environment. Physicians were able to discuss how CorPath is being used for complex PCI and discuss how real data strengthens the case for a robotics-first program. We will be hosting our second physician users meeting on May 8th at SCAI 2015. Invited users should RSVP by April 29th.


Survey: Interventional Cardiologists Continue to Face Risk of Work-Related Injury Despite Increased Awareness

Nearly half of interventional cardiologists responding to a survey conducted by the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions (SCAI) reported at least one work-related orthopedic complication. The findings, published in Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions, indicate that occupational health issues are on the rise among interventional cardiologists. "While awareness of cath lab safety is increasing, there is still a sizable opportunity to reduce the risks associated with delivering interventional therapies," said SCAI 2014-15 President Charles Chambers, MD, FSCAI. "The keys to success will include continuing to develop safer equipment and shields, and educating operators and their staff to consistently practice occupational safety."


Non-profit Organization Created to Advocate for Safety in Hospital Catheterization Labs

The Organization for Occupational Radiation Safety in Interventional Fluoroscopy (ORSIF), a non-profit association headquartered in Washington, DC, was launched recently to generate awareness of the potential serious health risks, including cancer and career-threatening orthopedic problems, linked to the use of fluoroscopy in hospital cath labs and outpatient radiographic diagnostic laboratories. ORSIF will raise awareness of these dangers and focus on advocating for better safety measures to protect the physicians and staff that work in these labs. In conjunction with ORSIF's official launch, the organization has released a white paper entitled, "Occupational Exposure to Ionizing Radiation in Interventional Fluoroscopy: Severity of Adverse Effects of a Growing Health Problem."


TCTMD: Rising Awareness of Radiation Safety Trickles Down to Fellows

In a recent article published by TCTMD, Yael Maxwell examines the rising concern among interventional fellows for the serious occupational hazards of radiation exposure in the cath lab. She examines how the culture of radiation safety is changing as more female fellows enter the specialty and as we learn more about the dangers of radiation. Key factors she suggests will help improve the overall radiation safety culture include standardized education and training and actionable changes to implement these best practices.


21st Century Solutions to the Current Cath Lab Challenges:
UC San Diego Approach - A Dinner Event at SCAI 2015

SCAI 2015
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