Orlando Health Heart Institute is first in Florida to use CorPath System
Robotics making a difference in interventional procedures.
February 2014 | Issue 8

Orlando Health Heart Institute is first in Florida to use CorPath System

Earlier this month, the Orlando Heart Health Institute became the first hospital in Florida to offer robotic angioplasty to its patients. "We are leading the way to a new standard of care for interventional cardiac procedures," said Vijaykumar Kasi, MD, PhD, interventional cardiologist, Orlando Health Heart Institute, and director, Cardiovascular Research and Interventional Fellowship training program at Orlando Regional Medical Center.


Robotics: The Next Frontier in Heart Care

Since the first coronary stent procedure in 1986, developments in the cardiac cath lab have helped save lives and reduce the mortality of patients who are having a heart attack. As with other areas of the hospital, robotics have been added to the ever-expanding arsenal of tools at a growing number of cath labs throughout the United States.


Developing and Commercializing the First Robotic-Assisted System for the Catheterization Lab

In this Medical Design Briefs article, Tal Wenderow, Co-founder and Executive VP of Business Strategy & Marketing, details the process of bringing the first robotic-assisted system for PCI to market. “The premise behind developing CorPath was to create a device that would improve the precision of PCI procedures through robotic-assisted control of coronary guide wire movement, as well as the advancement of balloon and stent devices. With robotic precision, physicians could position the right stent in the right place, and potentially avoid clinical complications associated with overlapping or misplaced stents.”


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